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Today we talk about an actual topic: how to launch your business in Telegram? An online store or a shop bot? What is autosales? What is crypto marketplace? And why we are using cryptos?

First, let's find out which group of users do you belong to and what is your actual goal.

Group 1. You do have your small (or large) online store already and you want to expand the audience and increase the sales using Telegram messenger as an additional advertising platform.

Group 2. You are a newbie businessman and would like to sell something somewhere, but do not know what exactly and where. But of course you heard that Telegram is a great tool and you really want to be in a trend.

Group 3. You've seen a great shop bot in Telegram and you do want the same one.

Group 4. You are a programmer and you have been ordered to develop a shop bot for Telegram.

Now close this page and get back to your work.

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So, we have passed directly to our subject. What the online store is - you already know. If you use the Internets, somehow you visited some of the Internet store, choose and put the goods in the shopping cart, submit the delivery address, and probably even the card number or used some payment system like PayPal or Webmoney. This is just great, because you have something to compare with.

The online store (OS) and the Telegram shop bot (SB) comparison

Goods presentation method

OS: photo, video description of the goods, it is possible to apply flash, 3D modeling, etc.

SB: text description, photo, emoji


OS: often communication with the manager by phone to clarify the details of the order, multi-stage order confirmation.

SB: communication with a manager or AI via chat in rare cases or no communications at all

Payment method

OS: a credit card, electronic money, cash on delivery - in any case, fiat money.

SB: bitcoin and other crypto currencies (altcoins). There is a possibility of anonymous buying and selling.

Protection of Buyer's Rights

OS: as a rule, the opportunity of a complaint and money back, depending on the value of the store reputation.

SB: no any protection at all.

Of course, this is far from complete and not exact comparative analysis. It is possible to create a bot, very similar to the functionality on the site, and vice versa. But in most cases we have what we have. What are the pros and cons of the aforementioned technologies for creating a virtual store.

Pros of online store

More opportunities for presenting the goods by using audio and video support. But not always the given possibility can be considered as really pros. For example, flash presentations can be very slow on some PCs and mobile devices. Modern store designs are not always well displayed on mobile devices.

The possibility of fiat money accept, because users still feel much more comfortable paying by the card or even cash, than using some unknown and terrible bitcoins. Aggregators of payment methods will connect your store with pleasure, of course, if you do not sell drugs or rubber women. But why not rubber women? Write your opinion on this subject in the comments. Okay Im still kidding, dont do this.

The seller, and the buyer are protected more or less because of online stores operate in accordance with the laws of the country where they are located and (in theory) their owners can be easily found and brought to justice in case of illegal actions.

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Cons of the online store in terms of the buyer

Enrages some overloaded store designs. Enrages that you need to communicate with the manager (only introverts cons). Enrages that you can not pay by bitcoin (only for the BTC holders).

From the seller's point of view, there are no really cons, except that someone needs to spend a lot of time, money and effort to create a store, starting with the opening of an LLC and ending with the development and the site promotion (domains, hosting, support, SEO), etc.

Pros of the Telegram Shop Bot

The means of creating a product showcase, which is guaranteed well displayed on all the devices and does not require large expenses for creation, are limited by the frames of the messenger. And yes, you can use emoji in the product description!

No managers and telephone conversations. All communications are in the chat. Integrate an adequate AI and save money on the manager's salary! Note: in the case of a stupid AI, completely opposite effect can be obtained.

We can accept payments in the cryptocurrency. So (in theory) you can buy and sell anonymously. It can be pros or cons depends. For a drug dealers, of course, this is a huge pros. But the preservation of anonymity can be also a pros for completely law-abiding citizens. Generally speaking payments anonymity is a separate big topic worthy of a separate article. Here we state only the fact that anonymous payments can be both pros or cons, depending on the circumstances.

By the way, telegram payments in crypto currency has one more pro - we do not contact aggregators and banks, i.e. intermediaries. Accordingly, the bot owner receives a 100% payment amount without any commissions for bank transfers.

Small initial fundings for the business start. Some bots, for example @keystorebot, allow you to run your personal sales in a few seconds. However, in the case of creating a store with a large assortment of real goods, the costs can be comparable with the development of a full-fledged online store.

Cons of the auto sales Bot

Perhaps, for the bot purchase you will have to buy several bitcoins. In fact, it's not as scary as it might seem. You can do this through any exchange, googling "how to buy bitcoin", or through a appropriate bot, for example, @BTC_CHANGE_BOT.

If you made a payment through a bot, but did not receive the goods, you are unlikely to get a refund. The fact is that Telegram hides the owners of bots both from ordinary users and from special services. Therefore, it is possible to solve the problem of non-receipt of goods or services purchased through a telegram bot only if the seller will want to help you.

In fact, the only way to know if the seller is good or bad is viewing relevant independent ratings and reviews. If there are none, you should be very attentive and ready for the fact that you can run into SCAM and will lose your money permanently.

Apparently, each technology has its pros and cons. What advantages and disadvantages for you are more important, and what are the less, it's up to you. And also to be responsible for the decision made only to you.

Summary. Using an auto sales or shop bot can be good in the case of small store with digital goods. For example, if you need to sell several string keys, @keystorebot will do the trick.

If you are large online store with great trading experience, you can use the Telegram bot to expand the audience and additional advertising. In this case, you do not have to integrate your products into the bot, it's enough to make just an assistant helper bot, who in conversation with the client will find out what the client needs and offer links to the corresponding products in your online store.

If you are taking care of a sale or purchase anonymity, you can also find and use the corresponding sales bots. However, it should be understood that using the bot does not remove your liability for illegal actions.

P.S. At the time of writing of this sheet (ok shit np), the status of crypto currencies in many countries is not defined. Therefore, it is more correct to say not salling for a cryptocurrency, but exchanging one digital goods for others. So in fact, the bot is not engaged in sales, but in exchange, without deriving any benefit from it. Bot needs no benefits at all. The main thing in his life is the electricity, which should be not turned off ...

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