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Q1. How to make money using Telegram bot? How to earn in Telegram messenger?

First of all, you should understand that Telegram bot does not produce money itself. It is not a magic "black box" which converts surrounding air to the money. It is only interface between your client and you as a service provider. Like a website or usual store or a coffee shop where people come for a cup of coffee. So, to make money with Telegram bot or any other bot you should at first have a great business idea. Or better working business. Or some great service. Or project. Or whatever potentially bringing to you a money. The bot can help you to involve new clients to your business. The bot can make feel you and your clients more comfortable connecting each other. But still the business is the point, not the bot.

Q2. How many new clients will bring me the bot?

Not many really. Until you start to promote it. In fact people are lazy. Not many of them scroll storebot catalog every day searching for a new cool stuff. Well anybody does of course. May be you will be happy with that. But serious business or a project means serious investments in promo. You may have a channel or buy advertisements in telegram channels. Or a website ads. Or may be some newspaper advertisement.

Q3. Will you promote my Telegram bot? What is the price?

Nope. Our business is bot crafting. We can develop a great bot for Telegram and make it live. Make it reliable. Adopt it to a high loads. But promoting and growing your business is your business. We don't do this and don't take money for this.

Telegram hyip bot

Q4. I want a hype bot. What is the price?

Many ppl (mostly freshmen) ask this. The question really means: I am very young and eager, but I want to be very rich and successful as I saw in movie or my friend told me. By hype they actually mean High Yield Investment Program (which is actually HYIP) telegram bot. So, before asking such a questions one should understand the following:

1. Hyip bot itself still does not produce money from the air (see Q1). It accepts money (in crypto currency of course) from the users and counts interests of involved users. Also it can send money to external user crypto addresses but until it has non zero balance on its local wallet. So after users "earned" more than they "invested" you should load the bot wallet to continue payments or close the bot with the unpaid bills.

2. The practice reveals that most of so called HYIPs in Telegram are classic pyramid or ponzi schemes covered by "trading" or "loan business" or other fake finansial activity. In fact hyip owner just attracts new "investors" to pay interest payments for old users until the pyramid collapse. After pyramid collapse the owners of hyip just disappear.

3. Most countries concern pyramid or ponzi as a fraud and have a laws against it. You, as a owner of the bot and your promoters, take all responsibility for your project. If you think that Telegram will preserve your anonymity on a 100%, you may be wrong.

Still want to create a Telegram HYIP bot?

Q5. Im not a fraudster or a scammer and still want a honest HYIP bot! WTF?!

NP, just drop a few lines to our @tgprobot:
1. Your investment plan (daily percent, plan length, other conditions).
2. Describe your business or the source of finance which will be used for paying user profits.
3. Describe your promotion plan (country, your planned number of investors, etc.).
4. 0.1btc bot setup fee (can be variable).

And since we don't support fraud bots please be honest with your users and yourself.

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Q6. I want a mining bot. What is the price?

If you have a mining farm or a mining pool we can make a bot like @poolinfobot who provides users cryptocurrency mining stats on popular mining pool. But we don't do bots who mines itself. Or give us more info on what exactly your "mining bot" should mine.

Q7. Do you provide a source code of your Telegram bot? Can i fork the code of your bot on github?

More often no than yes. We are interested in long term cooperation and project lifetime support. Our projects mostly have unique and great tested code. Also it can be not one script but several software on several servers so there is not much sense in broadcasting or sharing the codes.

Q8. Can you make a bot for my coffee shop. What is the price?

Probably yes. We will be glad to craft and support your coffee bot. Price can be 5% from every order through the bot or something.

These are most popular questions about telegram bot developing for now. We will add more soon. Thanks for watching!

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